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ICYMI: Crain’s New York Business Op-ed by NAM’s Linda Kelly: Three Reasons why NYC Mayor de Blasio’s Lawsuit is Problematic

The Manufacturers’ Accountability Project will not stand idle while opportunistic politicians aided by trial lawyers use their office to push misguided litigation that threatens manufacturers. In that spirit, we wanted to share with you NAM General Counsel Linda Kelly’s op-ed in Crain’s New York Business that lists three reasons not to take the mayor’s litigation at face value:

  1. Hypocrisy: NYC relies heavily on fossil fuels, as has been underscored by recent record low temperatures. After brutal winter weather, it should be clear that energy manufacturers are crucial allies of New Yorkers, not enemies.
  2. Bad Faith: While the suit argues that New York is “exceptionally vulnerable” to rising sea levels, there is no evidence that the city has issued such dire warnings to potential bond investors.
  3. Politicization: It’s no secret that de Blasio is pushing for more residential development along the city’s waterfront. That makes it difficult to take seriously a lawsuit that seeks a massive payday for climate change-driven floods that threaten properties along the water.

 Linda Kelly

Senior Vice President, General Counsel
National Association of Manufacturers

Lawsuits against energy manufacturers waste resources and are an ineffective way to curb climate change. Politicians should focus on delivering real solutions to problems affecting citizens, instead of providing a platform for environmental special interests and trial lawyers to attack the very industry we rely on for the functions of society.

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