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MAP Media Conference Addresses Mayor De Blasio’s Politically Motivated Lawsuit Against Energy Manufacturers

The Manufacturers’ Accountability Project (MAP) hosted a media teleconference ahead of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s announcement that the city has filed a deeply misguided lawsuit against energy manufacturers and announced a financially costly city pension fund divestment plan.

The call featured Linda Kelly, the NAM’s senior vice president and general counsel and lead on the MAP, and Christopher Netram, vice president of tax and domestic economic policy at the NAM. The two discussed this latest development in a string of misguided litigation against America’s energy manufacturers.  The mayor’s lawsuit is part of a politically-motivated campaign to undermine manufacturing in America.  Mayor de Blasio’s decision to play politics with the city’s underfunded pension plans—prompted by the same controversial environmental activists—will create serious financial costs for New York’s pensioners and retirees.

To listen to the media teleconference, click on the audio bar below.