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National Association of Manufacturers CEO Jay Timmons: New York’s War on Energy

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) CEO Jay Timmons called New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s lawsuit against manufacturers “malpractice by elected officials” on Fred Dicker: Focus on The State Capitol, which aired this morning via 98.7 FM.  Politicians aided by trial lawyers in New York and California are using their office to push misguided climate litigation that threatens manufacturers.

“Climate change is a major problem that we all must work together to solve–but it is inappropriate to blame it entirely on the manufacturing companies that we all rely on. Mayor de Blasio should be looking out for his constituents, not enriching trial lawyers and appeasing environmentalists. His abuse of power takes away opportunities from the very people he’s supposed to lift up.

The climate lawsuit is a waste of resources that sends a horrible message to New York job creators. Not to mention, New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer’s plan to divest from energy companies will hurt retirees the most. Their attack on energy producers offer no solutions to our climate problems and will do more harm than good.

The American people should hold us accountable for the promises we have made including a healthier environment and safer workplaces. But we have to prove this and our 14,000 members intend to do precisely that – we are going to keep our end of the bargain. The least we can expect from our elected officials is for them to do exactly the same, which is why it is so frankly disgusting to see Mayor de Blasio using his office for his own political gain.”

“Imagine if politicians spoke as reasonably as Jay Timmons, what a difference that would make for New York.” – Fred Dicker

Listen to the entire interview here:

MAP will not let these attacks go unchecked, which is why the NAM created the Manufacturers’ Accountability Project, a campaign aimed at exposing the activists, public officials and plaintiffs’ attorneys who are orchestrating an unprecedented abuse of the legal system against American manufacturers.

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