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Inside Sources: Colorado Energy, Manufacturing Industries Push Back on Boulder Climate Change Lawsuit

Divestment is moving inland. Over the last several years, cities on both coasts, including Seattle, Minneapolis, and San Francisco have discussed divesting their city funds from fossil fuels. Some California municipalities and the city of New York have gone even further, starting lawsuits against major energy companies, bringing forth a lawsuit against several major oil companies for global warming damages. Now, for the first time, the lawsuits have left the coast and reached the mountains. On Tuesday afternoon, Boulder, Colorado became the first landlocked city to sue over damages they allege are connected to global warming. Under the terms of the lawsuit, the city of Boulder, and the counties of Boulder and San Miguel are suing Suncor and Exxon Mobil.

The municipalities join nine other coastal governments in lawsuits against fossil fuel producers.

The lawsuit alleges that global warming has “already harmed” residents of Colorado and that these harms will only accelerate in the future. The lawsuit comes after strong pressure from a series of environmentalist groups, including, the Sierra Club, and Earth Guardians.


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