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Inside Sources: California Climate Change Cases Growing Even More Confusingly Intertwined Before Key Hearing

The stakes are rising for climate lawsuits filed by several California cities as more voices are weighing in before a crucial hearing scheduled for Thursday. A web of inter-related lawsuits has tried to make major energy companies, including Exxon and Suncor, and manufacturers financially liable for harms caused by climate change. The hearing is an attempt to have the San Francisco and Oakland cases dismissed.

These cases are simply another example of trial attorneys attempting to enrich themselves at the expense of manufacturers and manufacturing workers,” said Lindsey de la Torre, executive director of the National Association of Manufacturers’ (NAM) Manufacturers’ Accountability Project (MAP), a group supporting the oil companies.

This complex issue will not be solved through a patchwork of decisions, but rather through meaningful solutions. We agree with the 15 state attorneys general and the Department of Justice who filed amicus briefs in support of the motion to dismiss in the San Francisco and Oakland cases.”

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