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Manufacturers Announce Reform Principles to End Climate Litigation

Climate change is a significant public policy issue that should be addressed through meaningful legislative, regulatory, and technological solutions. In the midst of the current policy debate, manufacturers around the world are taking strong and meaningful steps to reduce their climate impacts. Manufacturers also support policies that establish an equitable platform to spur investment in solutions that address the challenges of climate change.

Unfortunately, activists and the plaintiff’s bar are exploiting our legal system and undermining the manufacturing base in America through specious climate change-related lawsuits. Their actions are motivated by a desire for personal benefit, rather than true climate policy solutions.

The National Association of Manufacturers’ “Manufacturers’ Accountability Project” calls for:

  • Public officials to be fully transparent regarding the terms of their arrangements with contingency-fee plaintiffs’ lawyers to whom they have outsourced government legal authority and police power
  • Pre-emption legislation that would protect manufacturers and consumers from frivolous lawsuits, which unfairly seek to charge them with liability for global climate change
  • An immediate withdrawal of all climate change-related lawsuits against manufacturers in America