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Manufacturers Condemn New York City Climate Lawsuit on One-Year Anniversary

Washington, D.C. — The National Association of Manufacturers’ Senior Vice President and General Counsel Linda Kelly released the following statement on the one-year anniversary of the City of New York’s public nuisance lawsuit against manufacturers:

“From the beginning, New York City’s baseless lawsuit against energy manufacturers has proven to be a misguided attempt to hurt a vital American industry we all rely on to meet our daily needs. City officials, including Mayor de Blasio, have made clear that the true purpose of the lawsuit is to attack manufacturers and manufacturing workers. The issue of climate change is a global public policy issue that has no place in the courts, a point that judges across the legal spectrum have noted in dismissing these frivolous cases, including New York City’s, and we expect the same outcome for the City’s appeal.

“Energy manufacturers continue to innovate more sustainable products and processes, a fact New York City clearly understands. Since early last year, the City has been increasingly turning to natural gas to meet its energy needs and reduce its environmental footprint. Rather than suing the very manufacturers they are working with to reduce emissions – which will do nothing to solve climate change and just wastes taxpayer resources – the City should work constructively with manufacturers so that we can address this challenge while providing affordable energy to New Yorkers.”


The Manufacturers’ Accountability Project (MAP) will set the record straight and highlight the concerted, coordinated campaign being waged by plaintiffs’ lawyers, public officials, deep-pocketed foundations and other activists who have sought to undermine and weaken manufacturers in the United States. This campaign will pull back the curtain to expose these efforts and to hold key actors accountable in order to protect our members and American manufacturing workers. The MAP is a project of the NAM’s Manufacturers’ Center for Legal Action (MCLA), which serves as the leading voice of manufacturers in the nation’s courts. Visit us at