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Florida South Sun Sentinel op-ed by NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons and AIF President Tom Feeney: Florida’s elected officials, businesses must work together to confront climate change

Florida is a state humming with manufacturers, health care providers, financial firms, and entrepreneurs. Our economic climate has never been brighter.

That is why Associated Industries of Florida engages state legislators, the governor’s office and executive branch agencies, and the state’s courts in support of policies that enable business to thrive.

We’re in our 100th year of supporting the success of Florida’s businesses and we’re busier than ever. When Florida’s businesses succeed, Florida’s people succeed. It’s just that simple.

Governors trying to attract new businesses present their states as alternatives to other jurisdictions that entangle businesses in paperwork, expose them to frivolous lawsuits, or impose high taxes. At the same time, there is more to being business-friendly than reasonable taxes and fair regulations. Reliable infrastructure, an educated workforce and energy sources are also critical.

Likewise, in a state that relies on tourism and recreation, our waterways and natural habitats must be protected. Florida’s citizens have a right to clean air and water. Our business community is committed to ensuring they do, which is why in 2017 AIF opposed amending the state Constitution to make it easier for citizens to sue companies over environmental issues. We thought the proposal would not advance environmental protection but instead create an adversarial, litigious environment. Fortunately, the proposal failed.

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