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ICYMI: Momentum Increasing in the Fight Against Climate Litigation

The Manufacturers’ Accountability Project is highlighting key developments in the fight against baseless climate litigation. The MAP has posted several recaps covering a recent congressional hearing on state and local officials’ efforts to combat climate change and two key reports from the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform on the trend of public nuisance litigation against manufacturers.

  • The MAP goes inside a recent U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce hearing that featured several mayors discussing the ways they are tackling the impacts of climate change. Surely to the dismay of trial attorneys, none advocated litigation as a means to address this global challenge. Instead, they highlighted alternative environmental efforts that reduce emissions while promoting economic development.
  • The MAP takes a deep dive into two reports from the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform. The first report examines how local governments and the trial attorneys representing them are misusing public nuisance tort litigation against manufacturers.
  • The MAP examines the second ILR report, which cautions that the public nuisance litigation trend “warrants close scrutiny” in light of the significant consequences that extend beyond the outcomes of the current lawsuits. Noting there is a financial incentive driving the litigation, the report offers several potential actions states could take that would deter future municipalities from going down the same path.

This congressional testimony and research underscore why pursuing public nuisance litigation against manufacturers is not a path municipalities should take. Only by focusing on collaborative—and meaningful—climate solutions with manufacturers can we move towards a cleaner environment for future generations.

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