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Florida Record: State think tank backs Fort Lauderdale’s climate change decision

A Florida public policy organization supports the recent decision by Fort Lauderdale city officials to forgo involvement in climate change litigation.

Sal Nuzzo, vice president of policy at the James Madison Institute in Tallahassee, said it’s the right choice for taxpayers.

“If I were a resident of Fort Lauderdale, I would be reassured that my local government was not wasting my tax dollars pursuing litigation that’s absolutely going to fail,” he said.

Nuzzo noted that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously nearly a decade ago, a decision that essentially stated that Congress would be the appropriate branch of government to address the issue.

“Both from a practical standpoint and a separation of powers standpoint – and in terms of the legal ruling at the federal level – it is not a wise path for a city or a county to pursue litigation against either oil companies or whomever relevant to climate change,” Nuzzo said.

It isn’t clear whether Fort Lauderdale had held any public hearings on the matter. The city was approached last year by an environmental advocacy group, but it chose not to move forward with any action.

At the same time, attorneys for the advocacy group are continuing to consult other municipalities in Florida and elsewhere.

“It is my hope that cities and counties and state governments will look for innovation and technology and partner with the business community to address the challenges presented in climate change,” Nuzzo said.

The full article can be read here.