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New Nationwide Poll – Voters Strongly Support Innovative Solutions to Combat Climate Change, Oppose Climate Litigation

50% strongly agree that we need innovative solutions to climate change, not blaming one industry for a problem to which all have contributed

54% say it’s “not important” to sue manufacturers over climate change

Washington, D.C. – The Manufacturers’ Accountability Project announced today that Axis Research conducted a nationwide poll this month of 1,003 voters to better understand voters’ attitudes about lawsuits targeting manufacturers over climate change. The poll explored voices across the political and demographic spectrum to understand the opinions among the electorate.  

Key Takeaways from Poll Findings:

  • A majority of voters (54%) say it’s “not important” to sue manufacturers over accusations of climate change; in fact, just 13% say it is “very important.”
  • A majority of voters (50%) strongly agree in innovating meaningful solutions to climate change, not blaming one industry for a problem to which we’ve all contributed; in contrast, only 5% strongly disagree with this message.
  • Of those polled, (47%) strongly agree that it’s not fair to blame one company or industry for climate change, and we all have a role to play in caring for the environment.
  • Only a small percentage of voters (2%) believe that suing companies is the best way to pay for existing climate change damages, and a similarly small percentage (8%) stated they strongly agree that suing manufacturers is the best way to solve the global challenge of climate change.

Phil Goldberg, Special Counsel for the Manufacturers’ Accountability Project, issued the following statement regarding the results of the poll: “It is clear from the results of this national poll that the American people want their leaders focused on finding ways to meaningfully address climate change, but they see this litigation is a counterproductive distraction. They understand that fighting climate change is a shared global challenge and that we need our political and business leaders to come together to develop innovative ways to source and use energy much more efficiently. But suing energy manufacturers over the climate, they said, is ‘unimportant,’ will not solve their climate concerns and is not the way to pay for impacts of climate change. Americans from across the political spectrum also agree that dealing with the climate is not about casting blame but is a shared responsibility. It is time for municipal and state leaders to start listening to their constituents—not the special interests pushing this litigation campaign—and collaborate with the business community on meaningful climate solutions.”

To view the poll summary memo with the full results and methodology used, please continue here. The poll’s sample size was distributed proportionate to the population, with a partisan make-up of 37% Democratic, 31% Republican, 29% Independent, and 3% other third party self-identified voters.


The Manufacturers’ Accountability Project (MAP) will set the record straight and highlight the concerted, coordinated campaign being waged by plaintiffs’ lawyers, public officials, deep-pocketed foundations and other activists who have sought to undermine and weaken manufacturers in the United States. This campaign will pull back the curtain to expose these efforts and to hold key actors accountable in order to protect our members and American manufacturing workers. The MAP is a project of the NAM’s Manufacturers’ Center for Legal Action (MCLA), which serves as the leading voice of manufacturers in the nation’s courts. Visit us at