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Colorado Sun Op-Ed: Boulder’s climate lawsuit would be costly for consumers

Climate change is a pressing challenge shared by every person, business and government around the world. How we choose to address this crisis — whether we unite behind a common purpose or let it become yet one more pawn in the politics of division — will define our generation and our success.

The common-purpose approach happens to be what America has always excelled at: innovation. If we are going to overcome climate change, we need our elected and businesses leaders to focus like a laser on developing the technologies we need to protect people and our planet. 

The good news is that this approach is already working. The cost of wind and solar has fallen over the past decade while output has soared. Cars, airplanes and factories have become more efficient. 

Manufacturers in America, which need energy to make products, have reduced the carbon footprint of the things they make by 21% over the past decade while contributing 18% more value to the American economy.

Unfortunately, the city of Boulder, along with Boulder County and San Miguel County, chose the other path, filing a lawsuit seeking to absolve themselves and blame others for this global problem. 

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