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About Us

The Manufacturers’ Accountability Project provides the voice of the manufacturing community to push back on abusive litigation campaigns that target manufacturers and seek to transform major public policy challenges into profit-making lawsuits. These lawsuits aim to bypass the legislative and regulatory processes and place some of the major public policy issues of our time into the hands of individual courts. The project exposes how these suits are driven by private actors with political agendas who enlist enterprising plaintiffs’ lawyers and operate under the deputized police powers of state and local governments.

While this trend has targeted a variety of different issues and sectors of manufacturing over time, the most recent line of litigation focuses on seeking damages from manufacturers for climate change.  Manufacturers wholeheartedly believe that climate change solutions must be a priority and that innovation and collaboration are the only ways to meaningfully tackle this shared global challenge.

Climate litigation against manufacturers, by contrast, is a counterproductive distraction. Lawsuits cannot achieve these important climate goals; they also have no legal grounding. Proponents of the litigation, rather than offer constructive solutions, seek to blame global climate change on a single industry—energy companies—for selling the energy America needs to fuel cars, heat homes and power factories. But producing and selling the affordable, reliable energy that modern society demands is not a liability-inducing event.

The MAP is actively engaged in the national debate over this litigation. It regularly briefs reporters on key developments, participates in panel discussions and authors original content, including a detailed “Beyond the Courtroom” report on the climate litigation campaign. This in-depth report highlights the true goals, inner workings and hypocrisies of the 20-year climate litigation campaign that has resulted in today’s lawsuits.

The MAP also works with its manufacturing partners and other allies around the country who similarly oppose such litigation. They believe governments should listen to their constituents and work together on meaningful solutions that can mitigate climate change. Manufacturers are already taking action and have reduced the carbon footprint of their products by 21% while contributing 18% more value to the American economy over the past decade. They stand ready to work with America’s leaders in doing more.

The MAP is a project of the National Association of Manufacturers’ Legal Center, which is the leading voice of manufacturers in the nation’s courts.