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Beyond the Courtroom

The Manufacturers’ Accountability Project (MAP) is launching a new report that traces the origins of climate liability litigation against energy manufacturers and looks into the many groups, lawyers and activists involved in the litigation. The report, “Beyond the Courtroom: A Closer Look at Climate Litigation in the United States,” examines how climate liability litigation has become more frequent despite failing to produce a successful settlement or court decision to date.

The report is divided into six chapters and can be read in full below:

  • Chapter One provides an overview of the climate tort litigation campaign, including its history, key players and why these lawsuits have been unsuccessful.
  • Chapters Two and Three closely examine the groups and individuals funding, coordinating and supporting this effort along with the public relations apparatus that amplifies the campaign.
  • Chapter Four details how attorneys have traveled across the country attempting to convince municipalities to file climate tort litigation against energy manufacturers.
  • Chapter Five explores the private funding models of the campaign—notably foundation money and contingency fee arrangements
  • Chapter Six zeroes in on the flawed legal arguments underpinning the litigation and how such lawsuits are often contradictory to their advocates’ stated goals.