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The MAP Launches the First of Its Three-Part Podcast Series on Misguided Public Nuisance Lawsuits

The Manufacturers’ Accountability Project (MAP) launched the first episode of its new podcast series, “The Legal Landscape.” The three-part series is hosted by the MAP’s Executive Director Lindsey de la Torre, and each episode features a different guest who will provide in-depth insight into the baseless public nuisance lawsuits that have been filed against manufacturers.

In the podcast’s first episode, de la Torre speaks with California Manufacturers and Technology Association (CMTA) President Dorothy Rothrock. Lindsey and Dot break down the baseless public nuisance lawsuits that have been filed by eight municipalities in California and the ways in which manufacturers are working toward meaningful solutions to improve the environment. Dot explains why anyone who supports job creation and economic growth in California should be alarmed by these lawsuits—and what she’s doing to fight back.

You can download and listen to the episode titled “Baseless Lawsuits Threaten Progress in Growing Manufacturing Sector” here.