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President and CEO of the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Julio Fuentes: Florida cities should embrace cooperation on climate change – not go to court

A new year and a new governor provide a hopeful backdrop for fresh approaches for sustaining Florida’s economic growth and creating opportunities for its people but a small pack of trial lawyers would rather pit Florida communities against energy companies over climate change. They think we can sue our way around this challenge but litigation would only mire our state in counter-productive confrontations with employers when cooperation on finding solutions is needed.

In his inaugural address Gov. Ron DeSantis called on all stakeholders to join together in promoting “a virtuous cycle whereby low taxes, a reasonable regulatory climate, a sensible legal system and a healthy environment attract jobs, business and investment.” That is the right tone. It encapsulates the common-sense, balanced approach for governing that Florida’s Hispanic businesses favor.

From tourism to technology to manufacturing, the 604,000 Hispanic-owned businesses contribute more than $90 billion to Florida’s economy each year. Many of these entrepreneurs faced unique challenges in accessing capital and grapple each day with the same laws and regulations all businesses face. This is part of doing business. All we ask for are public policies that allow us to prosper while being responsive to the public interest for safety, justice, and environmental protection.

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