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ICYMI – The Boston Herald Op-ed by Phil Goldberg: Innovation, not Litigation can Protect Massachusetts From Climate Change

The Boston Herald recently published an op-ed by MAP Special Counsel Phil Goldberg, “Innovation not Litigation can Protect Massachusetts from Climate Change.” Goldberg’s op-ed details productive approaches Massachusetts can take to combat climate change—instead of casting blame and playing partisan politics through costly lawsuits pushed by activists and plaintiffs’ lawyers.

Goldberg explains why such litigation is counterproductive and highlights how the manufacturing community is already working hard to develop innovative new technologies that can allow us to use energy more efficiently and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Additional highlights from the column are below:

  • “The cost of wind and solar farms has fallen dramatically while output has soared. Cars, airplanes and factories have all become more efficient. This is just the beginning. Every major company— including traditional energy manufacturers — understands that climate change is a by-product of energy use, as well as other aspects of modern society, and is actively engaged in climate solutions.”
  • “In some circles, scapegoating companies may make for good politics, but it does nothing to advance real solutions. In a highly unusual move, a federal judge called out the New York and Massachusetts cases: “Are the two attorneys general trying to further their political agendas by using the vast power of the government to silence the voices of all those who disagree with them?” Politics is not a legitimate use of a state’s law enforcement powers.”
  • “The litigation campaign’s supporters have said that their not-so-secret goal is to make it more expensive for people in Massachusetts and around the country to heat their homes, fuel their cars and power their factories in hopes it will reduce energy use. Sitting in a cold house, though, is not the answer we need.”
  • “Massachusetts already has the highest natural gas costs in the country. Can Massachusetts families and businesses really afford to pay more? Massachusetts leaders still have a choice. They can join the important work of combating climate change or continue to get weighed down in a pointless blame game. What has become clear is that we cannot sue our way out of climate change. Innovation is the right, only and proven path forward.”

You can read the entire op-ed here.