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The Oregonian Letter: Innovate, don’t litigate

Events all around us make clear that we are at a crossroads on climate change. How we choose to address this crisis will define our generation.

Electrification — from refrigeration to heating homes to the information age — has fueled the greatest health and standard of living advancements in history. But how we did these things in the past is not how we are going to in the future.

The only way to fight climate change globally and locally is what Oregonians excel at: coming together and innovating. We need to invent ways to use and source energy sustainably.

Yet some prefer a less-celebrated American tradition: litigation (“Oregon should make polluters pay for a broken climate,” Aug. 4). They want to sue energy manufacturers for “causing” climate change. Oregon has wisely resisted this effort. Pointing fingers is easy, but we cannot litigate away climate change.

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