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S&P Global Podcast: Listen: Sue, Baby, Sue? Supreme Court Sets Stage for Flood of Climate Lawsuits Against Oil Majors

The US Supreme Court recently decided it would not weigh into a dispute between oil companies and local governments over the appropriate venue to hear lawsuits seeking damages for adverse impacts allegedly caused by the oil and gas industry’s greenhouse gas emissions. These climate liability lawsuits are now poised to proceed in state courts across the country.

Phil Goldberg, special counsel for the Manufacturers’ Accountability Project, joined the podcast to discuss the implications of the Supreme Court action and what to expect going forward as these cases are litigated. He also delved into what’s at stake not just for the oil industry but for consumers and businesses, and why he views climate lawsuits as a “lose proposition for everybody,” especially those of us that regularly need to fill up at the pump.

Stick around after the interview for Starr Spencer with the Market Minute, a look at near-term oil market drivers.

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