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MAP’s Statement on the Supreme Court’s Decision To Not Review Minnesota Climate Case

Washington, D.C. – Phil Goldberg, Special Counsel for the Manufacturers’ Accountability Project, issued the following statement addressing the Supreme Court’s decision to not hear Minnesota’s climate suit.

“The Supreme Court’s decision to not review Minnesota’s case, while unsurprising, is certainly disappointing because it will allow the creation of a patchwork of state court rulings to interfere with important, federal regulatory efforts on climate change. Nevertheless, we remain confident that when courts around the country consider the substance of these claims—just like in New York City’s case that was dismissed in 2021—it will be evident that this type of climate litigation has no legal or factual foundation. Regardless of whether heard under state or federal law, selling Americans the energy they need and use every day is not a liability inducing event.

“The challenge of our time is developing technologies and public policies so that the world can produce and use energy in ways that are affordable for people and sustainable for the planet. It should not be figuring out how to creatively plead lawsuits that seek to monetize climate change and that provide no solutions.”