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ICYMI: The NAM’s CEO on Fox Business: “We are fighting against trial lawyers and politicians who want to take down manufacturing”

The first week of the National Association of Manufacturing (NAM) Manufacturing Tour 2018 wrapped up last week.  The NAM CEO and President Jay Timmons has made it clear the NAM will not stand for trial lawyers and opportunistic politicians looking to advance their positions in office to push misguided litigation that threatens one of America’s most vital sectors.

Most recently, Timmons appeared on Fox Business News with Charles Payne, where he discussed politicians, like New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who have recently announced the city is suing manufacturers for climate challenges.

If there is agreement on one thing, it is that city officials and politics cannot be the motivator behind developing real solutions to combat serious environmental challenges that are affecting citizens.

In case you missed it, here is the exchange between Jay Timmons and Charles Payne on Fox Business News this weekend:

Jay Timmons: “Another problem that we’re facing and another reason that I’m here in New York today, Charles, is we are fighting against trial lawyers and politicians who want to take down manufacturing. Mayor de Blasio is suing energy companies right now for the subject of climate change.”

Charles Payne: “A lot of people put the environment and a whole lot of things ahead of jobs and I think there’s a happy equilibrium but we want to…”

Jay Timmons: “And politics…”

Charles Payne: “Of course politics, always”

The MAP is taking a stand against politicians like Mayor Bill de Blasio who is acting on behalf of well-funded activists and using his power in office to take down a crucial American sector. We encourage you to visit the MAP website to sign up for the latest email updates and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.