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ICYMI Media Roundup: A New York State of Mind

The Manufacturers’ Accountability Project is proactively fighting back against the efforts of politicians, trial lawyers and environmental activists determined to target manufacturers with frivolous lawsuits – we are not letting their actions go unchecked. In fact, the MAP launched an ad campaign this week highlighting the most recent attack launched by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. Our efforts questioning the legal strategy and the integrity of these frivolous lawsuits continue to gain traction. Check out this week’s highlights:


  • As part of the State of Manufacturing Tour this week, National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) CEO Jay Timmons participated in an interview with New York radio host Fred Dicker on the Fred Dicker: Focus on The State Capitol show.  Timmons called New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s lawsuit against manufacturers “malpractice by elected officials.” Listen to the interview on the MAP website.


  • The New York Post reported on MAP’s campaign, drawing attention to the “politically motivated” attacks on manufacturers, noting “The MAP is launching a social-media blitz to highlight what it called Hizzoner’s ‘politically motivated’ attacks on manufacturers.”


  • The Washington Examiner featured the MAP’s ad campaign in its Daily on Energy roundup: “The NAM on Monday took the fight to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.”


  • The Daily Caller also highlighted the MAP’s “counter-attack” against frivolous, misguided lawsuits noting comments made by the NAM CEO Jay Timmons during a speech in Michigan, “Manufacturers will not take climate lawsuits from New York City and San Francisco lying down.”


  • The Washington Examiner published an op-ed on climate litigation by John Burnett, a financial services industry professional and former candidate for New York City comptroller. Burnett exposed the multi-billion dollar attack on manufacturers and shines a light on trial lawyers’ big payday motives behind the climate litigation racket.


  • CALmatters opinion columnist Dan Walters authored a column for The Mercury News examining the far-reaching financial implications facing California localities that filed lawsuits against energy producers. Walters acknowledged the political motives behind filing lawsuits to appease “progressive local voters.” He criticized municipalities’ legal motives and inconsistent statements in their law suits and bond offerings.


It’s clear that MAP’s voice is being heard.  We will continue to provide a platform to counter these costly and far-reaching lawsuits and expose the coordinated alliance of plaintiffs’ attorneys, activists and public officials targeting manufacturers in the United States.